Hearing Aid Overview

Are you ready for a new hearing aid? Whether you’re about to get your first pair of hearing aids or it’s time to upgrade your older model, shopping for new devices has never been more exciting! Now more than ever before, there is a wealth of options to suit every person, regardless of your lifestyle, hearing needs, and budget. Visit us today to learn more about your options.


Modern Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids have us all a bit giddy, and we can’t wait to share that excitement with you. Today’s devices can do some incredible things, like advanced connectivity features that will let your effortlessly stream audio right to your ears. You can find a device that has the best in directionality microphones, and speech enhancement programs that will have you catching every word of the conversation you’re straining to hear. Finally, you’ll even find rechargeable hearing aids that will sense your listening environment, and automatically change between programs and adjust settings so you’ll have clear hearing without lifting a finger!

Picking the Right Style

There are a number of hearing aid styles to choose from, and picking the right style can make all the difference in your satisfaction of your brand-new devices. Think about where you struggle the most to hear. Is it at the office or in the theater? Do you struggle to hear during conversations in your living room, or only when you’re out with friends? These answers will help us give you the best advice on which devices will help you hear. If you need a lot of power to stream audio and run advanced programs, you’ll need to consider battery size, and how you want your devices to fit into your life. If you’ll struggle to replace tiny batteries, rechargeable devices may be right for you, and a BTE hearing aid may be easier to put on every morning.

With every patient we have you try our hearing aids for 2-4 weeks before we allow you to purchase a new hearing instrument. You get to listen to new technology, we get to learn from your experience. The trial hearing aids keep track and analyze the different types of environments you spend time in. These insights will help us understand the way you listen and find the perfect solution for you.

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